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The gallic war

As the pro consul Julius Caesar attempted his gallic war course he had to take his hat off to one man. Vercingetorix, the chieftain of the Averns, managed it, to unify a majority of the gallisc tribes and to lead them against the Romans. By the tactical proceeding of the Gauls in the beginning Caesar had to accept large losses and lost even the Haeduean at Vercingetorix, originally allied with him. Around 52 b.C. the Gauls in Alesia entrenchd themself, where they were completely included by Caesars troops within a month. Within this short time the Roman commander managed it, to create a 17 km a long barrier and ditches approximately around Alesia. And because he knew that the Gauls had sent a request for assistance to their coalition partners, he ordered to put on a 21 km long barrier on his backside, which he fastened with towers, ditches and numerous traps. When then the relief army arrived the Romans were, although in terms of figures supported, in the best way prepared. There were four days embittered engagements, but finally the Celts capitulate. Vercingetorix, whose troops were close to starve, rode to Caesar and arose.

Six years later, at Caesars triumphal procession through Rome the Avernian was finally strangled. Allegedly on the stages of the Curia of the Pompeius, where finally Caesar also found his end by a conspiracy.

In the time of 58 - 50 b.C. Caesar had completely conquered whole Gaul in several campaigns made it to roman province.
While this time he wrote one of the probably most well-known reports of history, the "Commentarii de bello Gallico".


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