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What is celtic re-enactment?

to re-enact (engl.: ri:en´aekt): act out; enact or perform again.

Reenactmet is in general the try, to representate a former epoch as far as possible historical and living correct. You can it also describe as history brought to life or living museum, though the celtic culture unfortunately remains lofs of space of interpretation.

Reenactment is in first priority performed as a hobby. Just a few specialist craftmen and tradesmen can live from it.

In certain respects, the experimental archaeology is related. But in their experiments are just the scientific results important. Suitable clothing and appropiately behaviour are not significant.

The roots of the  hobby "Reenactment" are in England. Therefore many words are in english. Reenactment means often the same as "Living-history".

Where ist celtic reenactment used? For the public are often celtic- and roman celebrations organized, where the different groups meet each other. There are also presentations of museums or the celebrations, where old crafts and culture are shown. The groups will also invited to revive historical places.

But every group has its own private reason. Authentic clothing, items of equipment are made in common on the basic principles of scientific investigation. The themes of celtic reenactment are various. You can see everything from the normal living to the craft and combat.

How is reenactment created? An unsubscrived rule says, that all equipment has to be so true to the original as possible. This applies to simple shoes as well  as an complete reconstructed chariot. A good investigation is necessary to construct the equipment. Serve as sources and models are archaeological finds, contemporary illustrations (vasen, friezes, statues, ...) and historical writings. These informations are found in museums, exhibition catalogues, literature, but  also for example in latin teaching.

The equipment is partly made by the reenactors themselves, partly bought from specialist craft- and tradesmen.

Naturally not just the equipment itself, but even their technical production hat to be so close to the original material, tool and technology as possible.

This takes years of gathering experiences and knowledge and the permanent improvement of the equipment.

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